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Star Province
I'd like to meet people from small Russian towns and large cities (and not only Russian ones) in order to know their native places better and via our communication to get stroger motivations for learning languages of my interest.

Group Founder: bellring
Description: In London there's Poets' corner in a park. Why won't we have such a place here devoted to our favourite songs? When you can't speak any foreign language, you are able to feel complete satisfaction and the peace of mind while listening to a nice melody accomponied by words and how about understanding the words? It's much better if you learn them by heart. You can compose another version of the song for singing it with friends, can't you? Let's join in singing the same songs using the same words. Welcome!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 67
Category: Your City/Region > Europe & Central Asia

Topics (2)

go Ace of Base - 'All that she wants' (4) bellring
go God love us (1) mendy958

Photos (9)

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Files (50)

1 Hotel California by the Eaglesand its interpretation
2 Simple mechanisms
3 Card for her birthday...
4 The last part of the chapter and the book
5 The next part of the previous chapter
6 The next part of the previous chapter plus Chapter 28 Conclusion
7 chapter 27 The Giant Again
8 The next part of the previous chapter
9 Chapter 26 The Height of Civilization
10 The next part of the previous chapter
11 The end of the previous one and Chapter 25 The Outpost of the World
12 The end of the previous one plus Chapter 24 Lost Treasure
13 Chapter 23 Brother Men.
14 The continuation of the previous chapter plus Chapter 22 The Search Party
15 Chapter 21 The Village of Torture


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go Do you beliive that it's possible to learn any foreign language via e-mail, popups, newsletters, chats, etc.?


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